Integrating Medicine & Dentistry

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Join us for the

Eastern Washington Medical-Dental Summit VII


Integrating Medicine & Dentistry

Friday, March 6, 2020

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Red Lion - Pasco


New research strengthens links between the mouth and general medical disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, kidney and lung disease, Alzheimer’s, and pregnancy complications. Reports confirm that better attention to oral health lowers medical costs and improved outcomes when properly managed.


The purpose of the Eastern Washington Medical-Dental Health Summit VII is to bring together medical and dental health professionals, educators and administrators - to improve health in our region and improve collaboration and co-management of patient care. This Summit will help integrate medicine and dentistry with leading experts presenting the latest research with practical clinical applications that enables physicians and dentists to improve patient care and work together to improve community health.


This years Summit will focus on medical-dental patient co-management, dental implants and bone grafting, treatment for tethered oral tissues, oral cancer treatment management, oral health and pregnancy complications, and metabolic pathways and cellular health and healing. These are topics that affect every dental and medical practice. New standards support physicians and dentists working in collaboration as an interdisciplinary team to co-manage patient care and improved patient outcomes. New models of medical and dental collaboration will be presented and discussed.


Topics Presented

  • Medical and dental collaboration - co-management of patient care
  • Metabolic pathways, cellular health, and the oral-systemic connection
  • Oral health and pregnancy complications
  • Medical oncology concerns and update for co-management of cancer patients
  • Bisphosphonate and antiangiogenic chemotherapy considerations - MRONJ
  • Tethered oral tissues and myofunctional management of tongue and airway
  • Oral Surgery update on dental implants, ridge preservation & bone grafting


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Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance

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Benton Franklin Counties Dental Society